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Dear Editor:
This is in response to Attorney Murray's letter to the Editor. Esquire Murray's advice is right on the money, except "getting what you pay for" just doesn't cut the mustard. True, you guys do have the secret handshake which opens doors to the black sucking hole known as the immigration system, akin to galaxies far, far away. To many of us highly educated, system-seasoned folks, it seems obvious that the endless forms & fees are intentionally flawed so you can't pass "go." Even the average "Joe" doesn't stand a chance. It's social Darwinism. Yep, it's true that a seasoned lawyer can muddle through the endless comedy of errors in "the system." But, there's a heck of a lot of lawyers who aren't abreast of the laws and end up costing their clients big bucks; try 30K plus. In our 8 year process, we've had 3 attorneys, ranging from your local boy to the high-end beauty. Each one dropped the ball one way or another. We're the ones who paid big bucks to fix their mistakes, not them. And as a result of bad legal advice, we've lost good paying job opportunities, had unnecessary stress added to our lives and marriages, been treated like insects from the Congressional folks, and often felt like throwing in the towel. We're at the mercy of you legal folks and of course, those well-meaning "authorities" at USCIS. We've spent our entire savings on flawed legal advice. Is there a lemon-law for lawyers? Calling the Bar Association gets us pretty much nowhere except to the back of the bus. In retrospect, I just wish we lived in California and had the benefit of such good and accurate legal advice. Good for your clients! Do us all a favor and open up shop in the rest of the U.S. so us poor trusting believers don't get the shaft anymore (respectfully speaking, of course).