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Expanded Curriculum For "Grant Me This Much: Obtaining Immigration Benefits From The USCIS Regional Service Centers"

Over a year has passed since Congress interred legacy INS and gave birth to USCIS. Enough time has now elapsed to assess this new bureau, evaluate its practices, and get a sense of whether the agency has transcended the pangs of birth.

The consensus among immigration lawyers is decidedly morose. Old-timers bemoan the days when attorney fees were high and denials few. New practitioners wonder if they can survive the rising tide of delays, rejections, higher filing fees and mounting client disappointment.

Well, Immigration Lawyers, stop crying in your latte! Take positive action, sign up for an ILW.COM three-part teleconference that will help you achieve winning ways with the USCIS Service Centers. Hear leading immigration lawyers offer specific and tangible strategies that can inject success into your immigration practice. Jump-start your attitude, sharpen your skills and refine your approach to immigration lawyering. Sign up today!

FIRST Phone Session on May 27:

  • Do You Know your Service Center? - Mastering Regional Variations in Service-Center Policies and Practices
  • Up a Crick with a Paddle: Maneuvering Safely through the Shoals of Cryptic Statutes, Unpublished Regulations, Policy Memos and Informal Agency Letters
  • Gross (Error) Me Out - "You Said I Could Work Here, So Why Did You Renege"?
  • E-Filing Update: More Digital Forms on the Way - But When Will They Be User-Friendly?
  • Premium Processing - How to get the Most out of Concierge Service
  • Expedited Adjudication - When You Need It Quick But They Won't Take Your $1,000
  • Sole Jurisdiction/Centralized Filing - What's Left of the Good Old Days?
  • Do You Read Me? - Finding the Gold in Service Center Processing Guidelines and USCIS Websites.
  • Getting Nourished with Special Ks: Family-Based K-1 and K-3 Nonimmigrant Success Strategies

SECOND Phone Session on June 24:

  • Getting to Yes: Strategies that Spawn Service-Center Success.
  • Dodging the Bullet: Ways to avoid the RFE, the NO, the NOID and the NOIR
  • Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture: Creative Uses of Graphic Evidence
  • Surf's Up: Web-Trolling for Approval Notices
  • What's Your Specialty? - Solutions for Evolving Occupations, Education Mismatches and Workers without Sheepskins
  • Keep on Surviviní: Strategies to Help Battered Spouses and Children
  • Succeeding at Successorship: Service Center Compliance Strategies for Corporate Makeovers
  • Oops I'm Late! - Establishing Extraordinary Circumstances and Reasons for Forgiveness

THIRD Phone Session on July 8:

  • When Merely Good is Not Enough: Proven Ways to Establish Extraordinary, Exceptional, Outstanding, and National-Interest Eligibility
  • Portable or Unsupportable? - New Case-Saving Strategies for Mobile Workers
  • Penny for Your Thoughts: Demonstrating Ability to Pay at All the Right Times
  • Take this Job and Love It: Work Permit Options for Dependents
  • I Feel the Earth Move under My Feet: Winning Motions at the RSCs
  • Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Its off to the AAO your Competitors Go!
  • How can Headquarters Help? - When it's Time to Go up the Chain
  • Getting by with a Little Help from Your Friends: Working with the USCIS Ombudsman, Congressional Liaison and the Media.
The deadline to register is Tuesday, May 25th. For more info, including detailed curriculum, speaker bios, and registration information, see: (Fax version: