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Dear Editor:
A recent Featured Article by Paul Donnelly asks the reader to join him on a journey pondering the moral failure of immigration law. Paul Donnelly's comments with respect to family-based immigration law are interesting because it works on one's feelings while ignoring some of the greater problems. When anyone considers immigrating to another country he should sit down and think through the ramifications of his or her action. The problem with people is that they donít think about what they are doing. It feels good or right at the time so thatís it. Once someone is here people want their families here too. Well how about those who migrate for financial reasons? Same thing applies. All countries must consider their people first in making laws. Yes, they should have immigration rules to be fair to their citizens. But on the whole, the country owes its loyalty to its people and shouldnít allow feelings to replace common sense in dealing with immigration. The country canít afford to open its doors and allow millions of people in who would displace its citizens in the work place. Allowing selective categories of people in can be a plus to the society while an open door might be a curse. Do we really want to open our borders? We could do that, but it would bankrupt us in months. The only way we could survive is to become like Mexico and many other so called third world countries, by simply dropping all our social programs. If you want morality then start enforcing our current immigration laws, actively patrol our borders and keep illegals out. That is the only moral way to protect our citizens. Yes, allow immigration but limit it to what the law allows, not to what feels good to the few right now, but to what protects the country and its citizens forever.

I care
Fayetteville, NC