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Dear Editor:
This month an important election will be held within the Sierra Club to elect five members of the Board of Directors. Some of the candidates are anti-immigration activists (hereinafter "ants") who hope to wage the continuing war against aliens under the masthead of that venerable environmental organization. The apparent logic of ants' efforts to manipulate the Sierra Club is that aliens who come to the U.S. are pollutants. They argue that, not only will these pollutants increase the total population of the US incrementally by giving birth to more of their kind, they also litter, use water, including toilet water, and strain the other limited environmental resources of our magnificent country. The potential for legislation that might result if the ants succeed in keeping company with the true environmentalists is daunting. For example, on population growth, the ants might insist that Congress enact a "one child per family" policy. Of course that policy would have to apply to all persons equally and some of the ants might object to that possibility, because if anything, they might want more of their kind, not the other kind. There is a way to get around that potentially subversive problem. The ants could persuade Congress to allow only infertile aliens to enter the US. The Immigration Act could be further amended to allow only infertile men to come to the US, as a means of solving the in vitro problem. Challenges by female aliens to such a provision on equal protection grounds would not be successful because many courts have held that aliens have no right to any constitutional protection.

Mary L. Sfasciotti
Chicago, IL

Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
Enter your email address here: