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Dear Editor:
While I noted with interest SJD's rhetorical anger and frustration about the validity dates and authorized stays in issuing I-94 for L-1 aliens under Blanket L and David Murray’s joinder, let me also join the fray by stating that such mishandling is further compounded by a conspicuous silence of the Central Office about this issue, despite my repeated attempts to get a clarification and guidance. When attorneys in our office, facing queries from corporate clients and individual aliens affected thereby, informed me about frequent mishandling by POE officials, I started asking questions to the USCIS Central Office. Over the last six months, I raised queries with Thomas Cook by letters dated September 15, 2003 and October 20, 2003, and later with Efren Hernandez, Jr., III, by a letter dated January 12, 2004. I also added in each letter that, if someone else should handle the matter at USCIS, my request be forwarded to the right official who can provide adequate and prompt response. So far, not only there is no definitive response from anyone, none even bothered to acknowledge receipt of my letters. Although I agree with David Murray that no visa or I-94 can ever be presumed valid if it purports to go beyond the statutory limit (7 years for L-1A, and 5 years for L-1B), and that we should always take the path of least resistance, our office nonetheless wanted a definitive statement to that effect from "the horse’s mouth," so to speak, which might then trigger a corrective action. And, a six-month-period is certainly long enough for anyone including the Central office to issue a few lines of guidance. Well, probably I am hoping against hope. Any way, I thought SJD and David might be interested in this information.

PJ Patel

Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
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