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Dear Editor:
Yesterday's editorial displays typical myopic and faulty "thinking" of open border and immigration enthusiasts who allow their own pecuniary and/or other interests to cloud proper thought and action. It is the reality of our borders, the right to establish them and to address the violations thereof that need to be recognized, realized and remedied, not the legalization by foolish fiat to effectively void and bypass them. Rape, bank robbery or other criminal activity are not resolved in a lawful, responsible society by constructing a legal system or program that allows or excuses such activity. The "high risks" or "furtive lives" are a responsibility of those who choose such criminal behavior. It is a gross oversimplification to categorize all illegal border crossers as "prospective dishwashers and gardeners" as our crime statistics and crowded prisons reveal. President Bush is destined to be a "one termer" like his father unless he begins to understand these realities and changes the focus of his deficient amnesty plan and addresses other domestic concerns. His mantra of matching a "willing worker and a job" is appropriate only when limited to American applicants. Many who voted for him before will not do so again as his globalist policies exceed proper presidential function. Illegal immigration is a threat to our security as 9/11 plainly revealed since terrorists thrive in the cover that excessive immigration and lax border policies provide.

R. L. Ranger