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Dear Editor:
In response to the "Culture of No" article, let me share my experience at the DMV. As part of the essential anti-terrorist protections (somebody had the good sense to think of these things), it has now become more problematic to renew a driver's license - ad absurdum. When I tried to renew the driver's license I have had for over 40 years (I was born in the US of Russian-Jewish citizen parents), a discrepancy was discovered between the name on my social security documents and my driver's license. No driver's license for me. I had to go through endless shenanigans with Social Security, have now waited 3 months, and have yet to receive my driver's license. It was explained to me that this is part of the new anti-terrorist provisions. Last week I took my 91 year old mother to the DMV to renew her DMV ID, and because it had already expired, could not be used to obtain a new one. This I was told was part of the new anti-terrorist provisions. I pointed out that as an immigration attorney I knew that virtually all immigration law makes exceptions for the very old. Not the DMV I was told. Moreover, because my mother came here 85 years ago from a country no longer in existence, and had lost all of her documents through the years, I was assured that I had a problem with no solution whatsoever. I asked what possible misuse an ID with a 1913 birthdate and a shriveled up old lady on it could be put to? The nastiness of the glare was noteworthy. A call to my congressman remedied the problem and the nastiness, but, what are we coming to?

Billie Gray