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Dear Editor:
I choose to become an illegal alien. I have been a small business owner for over 20 years by virtue of an E investor visa issued by the US Department of State. My business has helped create jobs for Americans. Many of my company's customers depend on our products to keep their companies alive. Yet, in spite of spending so much money on immigration lawyers over the years, I have been unable to secure permanent residence for myself, my spouse, or my children. Hundreds and hundreds of letters to members of Congress have practically gone unnoticed and have produced no positive result. Yet, I never fail to see how members of Congress continue to propose immigration reform for only the undocumented - those who are illegal. Nothing wrong with that. But it seems that members of Congress don't give a damn about those of us who have followed the letter of the law from the very beginning, and yet have been unable to secure permanent residence due merely to some idiotic technicality in the law - where the type of E visa that my incompetent American and US-educated lawyer chose is not convertible to Permanent Residence. Because children of investors automatically lose legal status at the age of 21, my daughter became undocumented and illegal recently. After being "temporarily" legal, for over 20 years, now my daughter is finally illegal and undocumented, and finally has a chance of becoming permanently legal. My investor visa is up for renewal. But I have made a decision to forego the renewal. I know that if should renew my visa and continue to stay legal, I will never ever have a chance at permanent residence for myself and the members of my immediate family. But should I forego the renewal of my visa, and finally become "undocumented and illegal", then I know that my wife, my son, and I, like our daughter, will at least have finally given ourselves a fighting chance of becoming permanent residents after more than 20 years of "following the letter of the law". Stupid at it may seem, it is obviously the only hope we have.