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Dear Editor:
Thanks for publishing President Bush's Proclamation suspending entry for corruption. It's important that we understand that corruption abroad affects our nation in a form of massive immigration coming from all over the Planet. I am so glad that President Bush finally heard the voice of those that have been forced out of their countries because of corruption, which destroys any country economic stability and rob their citizens the opportunity of living with dignity, and many times forces them to leave their homes to other countries such as the US. Countries like Brazil lose about $65B per year in the absence of production of goods because of corruption. These corrupt officials after robbing their own nations, come to Miami, Los Angeles, NY and other famous cities around the world to enjoy the fruit, not of their hard work, but of their evil deeds and until now, we would let them stay. They come expecting to be treated as decent people because the money they bring with them and sometimes the title they once had, entering with a diplomatic visa that gives them diplomatic immunity which clears them from the US customs. I am glad that the US understands that one of the major causes that cause people in South and Central America, as well as from other developing regions of the world to migrate to the US, is the corruption of the country's officials in all levels. I hope other nations will also follow the example established by the US and keep those criminals without alternative to flee from their country's justice systems if they have any, in hope that the exodus towards our borders of desperate people stops.

John Kent
New York, NY

Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
Enter your email address here: