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Dear Editor:
Chucky's letter fails to see the big picture. You couldn't ever deport everyone who is here illegally. It's impossible. There are too many people and there are too few agents. In Chicago there are something like 15-20 agents and an estimated 250,000 people here illegally. So instead you offer them a deal where they come out of hiding, make a few bucks, and according to the proposal, they go back home. You also run security checks to make sure they aren't threats. Then there will be a lot less people underground for the ICE agents to look for. Mr. Gupta's letter is completely correct. The current proposal is a bit like indentured servitude and really needs to be revamped. Under the current proposal it appears that the employers would hold a big stick over the head of the employee. If the employer yanks the job then the employee goes home. That isn't much incentive for an individual who has lived underground for many years to make himself known to the government. Although his worry about wages below the legal limit might be misplaced since it appears the employer will have to comply with US wage laws. Of course that isn't very much money and if the administration had its way there wouldn't be a minimum wage in the first place. Then Mr. Gupta's fears in this area would be very well founded indeed.

Justin G. Randolph
Carpenter & Capt, Chtd.