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Dear Editor:
Mr Chun wrote that illegals are responsible for present day white flight and that "increased crime, teen pregnancy, social funds abuse, drug making and use, school with the lowest scores and highest non-graduates, gang activity, and high unemployment" are what they bring to our country. Well Mr. Chun, where are your parents from? Mine came over on the Mayflower and in slave ships. These ancestors then mingled with the Seminole peoples. Maybe that's why I've dedicated my life to working with illegal immigrants. Immigration is what formed this country and we are all a product of it. Immigrants are kept from becoming legal in this country by a set of immigration laws that are new and do not work, if they did we wouldn't have so many illegals in the work force. Have you been to a restaurant lately, Mr. Chun? Odds are the entire kitchen is undocumented. How about the cleaning staff for every building you go into on a daily basis? Or even the men constructing the road that you drive on? Or every vegetable and fruit you eat? If we need them to work so desperately, it's time to have them do so legally. Oh, and as for your laundry list of issues. I am from Boston, the third richest city in the US. I've worked in the public school system and participate in local government. Illegal immigrants aren't the cause of these problems, it's a society that increasingly funnels resources to those that already have money. White flight isn't even a reality here or in other metropolitan areas. Whites are here...they move back to the city to enjoy its resources and culture every day...they just send their children to private school.

Lizz Cannon, Community Organizer
Brazilian Immigrant Center, Allston, MA