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Dear Editor:
In response to a recent letter to the Editor on Status of the 9/11 Hijackers, really, its tightening up the entire system, when there are so many people to screen, in so little time. Here's some information, and some examples: Based on research that I was requested to send in to an administrator evaluating policy with drivers' licenses, I found the following information which may or may not be 100% accurate: 19 "hijackers" were allowed into the country despite improperly filled out forms lacking proper addresses(compared to listing staying at a hotel), job status (i.e. "student"), income, and other information so that most of the applications, if properly reviewed would not have been approved as one is to not have immigrant intent, will return home and membership in a terrorist group wouldn't make them admissible either. 15 were thought to come from Saudi Arabia, 2 from UAE, 1 Egypt and 1 Lebanon. All 19 are believed to have originally entered on "valid" visas (just not properly screened--that's a whole issue right there.) Second, 3 are said to have been "illegally" in the US, 2 by overstaying their visas without being in change of status or extension pending status, and 1 by never reporting to school despite entered on a Student Visa. Further, some were allowed to re-enter the country after applying to change from visitors to vocational students (M) and typically, while in the middle of an adjustment or change od status application, as a "non-immigrant" for these categories, they probably wouldn't be allowed to leave and return without having a new visa that was issued from abroad. So, they were improperly let in. Next, some were in various criminal databases, it is reported, so if those databases had been checked, perhaps some of them would have been apprehended. Yet another security issue, is that at least one hijacker, was issued a state driver's license (with a false name and by proxy), and that ID was used to enter and travel in the US via Canada.

Name Withheld Upon Request