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Curriculum For "By Air, Land And Sea - When The POE Becomes A Brick Wall"

The curriculum for ILW.COM's new seminar is as follows:

"By Air, Land And Sea - When The POE Becomes A Brick Wall"

FIRST Phone Session on December 18: "My Cousin Is At The Airport and They Won't Let Her In" The Entry Process and How to Get In

1. The ABC's of Entry - The Entry Process

  • Each Step, What They Do (Their Purpose)
    • Primary
    • Secondary
    • Deferral
    • Proceedings
  • General Pitfalls To Be Aware Of
2. Who Is An "Arriving" Alien
  • The Problem of Immigrant Intent
  • Unlawful Presence as a Ground for Inadmissibility
  • "Returning" Residents and the Use of Reentry Permits
3. Expedited Removal
  • When Does It Apply
  • Procedure That Is Followed
  • Alternatives
  • No Judicial Review
4. How To Get Relief from Expedited Removal - Challenging Prior Determinations

5. IBIS Checks and Other Data Checks

  • TECS - Treasury Enforcement Computer Systems
  • NAILS - National Automated Immigration Lockout System
  • NCIC
  • DACS
  • NIIS
6. Other Relief
  • Parole
  • I-193
  • Reentry Permits

SECOND Phone Session on January 14: "I need my TN ASAP so I don't miss my flight" A focus on Canadian and Mexican Borders Issues

1. Border Adjudications-NAFTA

  • TN's
    • The process
    • The problems - Dual intent, Self employment, Specific occupation
    • Canadians at the Mexican border
    • Appeals
  • L-1's
    • Procedure(s)
    • RFE's
    • Appeals
  • The Mexican process
2. Update on Border Crossing Points
  • Where to go
  • Who to see
  • Attorney presence
3. Border Crossing Documents
  • Who gets them
  • Who needs them
  • Passport requirements
4. TCN's in Canada

THIRD Phone Session on February 12: "My Friend Has An 'Interesting' Case And He Can't Seem To Get Back Into The U.S." Problems Which May Keep People Out

1. Impediments to Entry

  • Failing to Register Under NSEERS
    • Procedure and proof of NSEER registration
    • Where and how to leave the U.S.
    • Where and how to register upon return
  • Abandonment of LAPR
  • Last Action Rule
  • Travel ability of 'Ported' aliens
    • Returning while 'EOS' & 'COS' are pending
  • Intending students
  • Data sharing between DOS & USCIS
    • DS-156 & DS-230 Info
2. C & D Visa Entries

3. PFI Inspections - Problems unique to PFI's

4. Seizures and Forfeitures

5. Inspass

6. Technology alert list (TAL)

7. Use of FOIA

8. Section 110 - Integrated Entry/Exit System - Biometrics

The deadline to register is Tuesday, December 16th. For more info, see: (Fax version: