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Dear Editor:
At the last AILA conference, I was surprised that no one in AILA addressed the fact that we as immigration lawyers, along with our clients of all types, are under attack. Homeland Security, and our present Attorney General Ashcroft have declared open season on us all. I have been working in this field for over 23 years, and never have suffered from the present barrage of denials, arrrests and imprisonment without bail, wanton RFEs, arbitrary decisions, departures from longstanding principles, etc. We are all walking around as zombies lost in the valley of darkness. President Yanni of AILA touched upon the current climate and culture of no in her plenary address. It is a real and obvious problem. We need help though as fighters in this war. We need to vent off in some way this constant outpouring of poison that now fills our practices and kills our clients regularly. Someone much smarter that I am can probably suggest a way to have 'group therapy' to help us survive this very bad time. Like the victims at ground zero on 9/11, psychological support is needed. It could be by comedy, black comedy, that we laugh about this awful time while we do battle. it could be by a daily reminder of just how bad things are getting reports. I know that the shared experience can help us to process and contend with the reality we must now face.

Bill Bennett

Editor's Note: We appreciate and will review all responses to our November 14, 2003 Editor's Comments.