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Dear Editor:
Whether or not you are an immigration restrictionist, or a liberalist, you have to admit that in Immigration Daily's Featured article for 11-12-2003, Gary Endleman is right (except, I believe, for the part about American citizens) when he says, "Legalization now should be accompanied by a renewed emphasis on employment-based immigration and a transfer to this side of the ledger of visas now awarded to diversity lottery winners, adult children of permanent residents and American citizens, and siblings of American citizens. Unless we fundamentally change the legal immigration system, no amnesty can succeed or long endure. So long as employment-based immigration is grudgingly accepted as an afterthought, so long as we have an alien-centered immigration system that looks first to succor the alien and not enrich the nation, any restoration of sanity now will only set the stage for the need to take more drastic remedial action in the future." And Mr. Endleman goes on to say , "IRCA failed because it separated the issue of illegal migration from the American economy as a whole." Right again, regardless of your political polarization. The US simply must face reality. Illegal immigration is a problem, brought on by bad law, just like our forestry problems in the US have been brought on by bad forest management (reference the recent California fires and the bark beetle infestation). What is it going to take to get Congress to wake up? There's the problem, Congress, not illegal immigrants. In the movie "Field of Dreams", the catchword was "Build it and they will come . . ." Well, the US has built it and, and they come any way they can - and who can blame them? Congress has just failed to adequately address the issue. Besides, we need a labor pool, as does every first world country whose education levels have grown to the point where there is a dirth of willing unskilled workers. (Notice I said "willing" - but that is another topic and a Pandora's box I dare not open here, and besides, it has nothing to do with immigration and a lot to do with the decay of the American work ethic, easy welfare, too low a minimum wage, corporate greed, ten-million-a-year-plus corporate executive salaries, golden parachutes and Enron . . . oooo, political footballs for the politically incorrect.) So, what do we do? Change the laws. Yes, easier said than done, especially with an election looming on the forefront and a war waging 10,000 miles from home on the farfront. Can we expect a meaningful change in immigration laws? No. Sorry about that.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA