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Dear Editor:
Mr. Murray's letter regarding the history of North America seems makes incorrect assertions and internally inconsistent arguments. I agree with him that no one owns the land. So did the people who lived here before the Europeans moved in. But then Mr. Murray disagrees with himself when he claims that Native Americans somehow didnít have rights to a land where they lived for thousands of years before the first European ever set foot. He seems to think that the second a European who migrated here wrote on a piece of paper, the self-serving claim that they held title to the land, the native people who lived here first had no rights to the land. He also seems to claim that Native Americans were ignorant savages who weren't sophisticated enough to "have written a letter, or drafted the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and formed a nation." While, I disagree with this for a variety of reasons and would ask him to read the history of the Native Americans to make sure he is correct, I must I point out that under the law, literacy or lack thereof, is not a requirement for land ownership. Unfortunately for the Native Americans, as far as I understand, they did not believe people could "own" the land. If they did, and if they had deeds to their lands proving ownership, I wonder if they would have been honored by the Europeans. In fact, this history has already given us the answer. The Native Americans made treaties for land, written on paper, with the Europeans who moved here, but the Europeans constantly broke those treaties and kept taking land they had agreed was "owned" by the Native Americans. And they didn't take this land in court. They just killed the people living there or drove them off. Now that sounds like anarchy to me.

Justin G. Randolph, Esq.
Carpenter & Capt, Chtd., Chicago, IL