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Dear Editor:
Pardon my perception of the Erick Seven Hawks letters as being contrived, but they still seem to me as if a determined, open borders advocate with that agenda has carefully constructed a series of questionable, simplistic, positions and statements (possibly including the name) for the sole purpose of attempting to justify excessive foreign intrusion upon US. If this feeling is erroneous, my apology, as I have a great respect for the Indian people. Mr. Hawks amazingly assumes the right to speak for all Indians and refers to America as "my land", ignoring the various early claims of not only competing, rival tribes but also valid claims by England, Spain, France and Mexico. Where are the "papers" of ownership by the Indians? Unless they paid for the lands they claim, can they be considered the owners thereof or merely squatters? If this is absurd, then so is Mr. Hawks reference. The US paid for most of the claims to the above mentioned parties which in times past, was seldom, if ever, done. Instead of falling for his carefully constructed liberal guilt trip in not opposing the present Mexican and foreign invasion, perhaps we should benefit from the obvious lesson the early Indians and Mexicans failed to learn, when they did not limit settlers which is that your own culture suffers. Today, in our own national interest (which includes many ethnicities including European), many are suggesting that we need to place orderly limits and controls upon entry as numerous polls and David Murray conclude which does not include anyone coming here who decides on their own to do so or millions of border violators, regardless of intent or hardship. One very real Comanche Indian supports this view at his website at Mr. Hawks advocacy of open borders and/or amnesty and/or invitations to all foreigners to come to US is poor policy. The very real importance of borders and the need to enforce them can be read at: We must vigorously defend and enforce the validity of our borders and sovereignty as well as entry and demand that others respect these also. Amnesties disguised as guest worker programs are an insult to US and to legal migrants and show no respect to anyone, nor does sneaking over our borders. An honest guest worker program would be limited and would apply to those already illegally here and provide for their eventual return, not citizenship. Illegal entry hardly qualifies one for that. An uninvited guest who never leaves is not a guest and never was and any program so labelled is a fraud which legitimizes millions of border violaters and does nothing to deter millions more, but rather encourages it. There is no "hate" in these comments, which liberals love to label differing views, only true, objective facts and considered opinion.   There does seem to be much hate directed at today's traditional America, openly and disguised, using various stratagems including an adopted concern for foreigners, at our expense and against our best interests. To attempt to establish immigration policy with today's evolved and complex society based upon ancient historical fact or fiction when conditions were very different is misleading at best and with possible ulterior motives at worst.

R. L. Ranger