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Dear Editor:
Erick Seven Hawks appears to be suffering from an ethnic superiority complex when he chastises RL Ranger's opinions and accuses Mr. Ranger of "justify(ing) his presence in my land and the land of my ancestors Native Americans." Then, with unbridled arrogance, Mr. Seven Hawks throws down the gauntlet by saying, "You will get the same respect if you find the papers from my ancestors inviting your ancestors to come here." Well, excuse me, Mr. Seven Hawks, but you'll have to show me title to the land that your ancestors possessed saying the land belonged to them. In fact, you will have to show me that in the 1600's, when the Europeans began immigrating to the New World, that the Native American culture was advance to the point where they could have written a letter, or drafted the Constitutition, the Bill of Rights and formed a nation. The land belongs to no one. We who live on it are only custodians of the land for the time we occupy it, and despite the irresponsible treatment by many, it is the duty of mankind to tend it well. For all we know, ten centuries from now, it may "belong" to invaders from the planet Neptune. Under modern law, unknown to Native Americans, we now title land to show who has the legal right to occupy it, and so arguments that the land rightfully belongs to anyone else takes the position that the law has no validity, and that, dear sir, is anarchy. While giving deference to the rich culture and sensitivity to nature, understand that Native Americans do not own the country we call the US. And Native Americans did not build this nation we now call the US - European and Asian settlers, along with some African slaves, built this nation that now provides us all with the freedoms we enjoy under the Constitution and laws of the US. Just because they first occupied the land, Native Americans have no more right to be in the US than anyone else who has a legal right to be here. And the people who "deserve" to be here are the people who have been given the right to be here under the laws of the US. What the settlers did to Native Americans was abhorrible, but that's history. We live in the 21st Century, complete with corporate greed, political scandal and moral decay, and ugly as it may be, it is as it is. The USA is not utopia, but it's a darned good country to live in. That's why so many foreigners want to live here, but remember, it belongs to those who have a legal right to be here, and those are the people who have the right to say who will, and who will not be allowed to remain here, using law as edict. If the law is wrong, then change it, but while the law is the law, respect it. That's the democratic way. We are a system of laws, not men, and it's a darned good thing. Illegal immigration is just one way of others telling the people of the US to shove it. And that's not a good thing.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA