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Dear Editor:
I understand that Mr. Ranger needs to express his own feelings trying to justify his presence in my land and the land of my ancestors Native Americans. His rhetoric will never wash our blood which was spilled on our soil when they came to conquer my people and our land. The history will always hunt the conscience of those that today, knowingly do not want to recognize that what was done against my people was wrong and was an invasion. Today they feel like they're in a position to cast stones on the ones that made to this land as if they belong here themselves more than anybody else. There is no envy in my heart or hatred feelings. I am just laying the facts that before my people Mr. Ranger deserves to be here as much as the Mexicans do. I am a well established citizen of my nation and feel no envy against "prosperity built on deep basis of injustice". We have rules that respect the balance of the whole planet Earth and not only our own interest. I also should say that most of the Mexicans are descendents of Native Americans also and it does not matter how much time will pass, the reality will always be: Do to others what you want them do to you. If Mr. Ranger wants me to accept his presence here (every person needs acceptance one way or another) he should look back in history and realize that now is too late for him to try to take a landlord position, because history tells us that it was an invasion that brought the pallid faces here and not an invitation or a Native American amnesty given to the Europeans. Please Mr. Ranger, look at the global situation today and you will understand that once someone's foot is on this land, and the person intention is not to do harm to us, as your ancestors did, but to have a chance to survive on this planet, they deserve the same respect you are trying to get from me. You will get the same respect if you find the papers from my ancestors inviting your ancestors to come here. Otherwise, you have the moral obligation to help closing the borders but also change the immigration legalization process in order to integrate the people that are already here, being productive and trying to survive as your ancestors did, as well as to create a solid guest work system that will stop the border's jumping frenzy. No hatred messages Mr. Ranger, just facts.

Erick Seven Hawks