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Dear Editor:
In your Curt Review Timebomb editorial, you cry and whine about how the foundation of immigration law is broken. However, you fail to propose how to fix the problems. I think that new legislation, including the DREAM Act goes a long way to recognizing that some of the children caught up in their parents illegal activity, need the help of American generosity and open-armed spirit. I don't see these illegal aliens going to South America, Africa, or Southeast Asia. They come to the US, by the millions. While they are here, the fact remains that illegal immigration puts economic strain on our infrastructure including, education and health care, as well as, the court system. Yet Americans still welcome these people to the US and also reach out across the world to help those in need to achieve a better way of life and standard of living. For lack of a better word, it is charity. For each person you can name that illegally entered the US for economic reasons and achieved acclaimed success, I could probably find a thousand illegal aliens who were wanted by authorities in their home country and have reached our shores and are taking up valuable time in our criminal and Circuit Courts, not for immigration reasons, but because they have committed crimes against the very society which opened its arms to greet them. I agree with you that the majority of illegal aliens come here for economic reasons. They are not here to commit crimes. However, the economic contributions made by the majority of illegal aliens is that of working below minimum wage so US companies can compete with each other by offering services for lower than standard prices. The problem is that we are going after the aliens, when we should be going after the employers. Not companies like WalMart because they have deep pockets, but the thousands of smaller subcontractor businesses who rely on the illegal aliens in order to bid a lower than standard price to companies like WalMart. The USCIS and the Department of Justice can deport illegal alien workers, but these companies will replace those workers tomorrow with other illegal aliens, and the deported ones will be back in a very short time. The USCIS and DOJ should levy heavy fines at employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens. If economics works properly, hiring legal aliens, or even US citizens, at prevailing wages will certainly force employer costs to rise. However, by driving out some of the businesses who rely on illegal aliens, the income of the remaining employers will also rise, negating any increase in wages. Therefore, companies like WalMart wouldn't be put in the position of defending itself because of the glamour and publicity of grounding a corporate giant. There will be a few less companies making more money, providing better pay for hard-working legal employees, who in turn will provide better service because they are out from under the cloud of potential removal and have only the sky to limit their own achievement.

Glenn Harris, Paralegal