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Dear Editor:
I am so happy that Mr. Morris can see the whole picture and take a stand to what amounts to the time when the pallid faces came to my land illegally invading it without having any invitation from my ancestors. Where is the invitation of my ancestors given to your ancestors for you to claim this land as your land only and nobody else? Under the reality of my people, you deserve to be here as much as the ones that you call "illegal immigrants" because you are one of them also despite having a paper that tells you are not. Go back in history and you will find out that there is no document from my ancestors giving you such right unless it was obtained by force. Mr. Morris properly states that the 9/11 terrorists came with student visas and not illegally as I heard many times from some xenophobes, and also, as it has been said before, they came with thousands of dollars to spend in flight school. Why insist on calling the terrorists illegal immigrants? They came with student visas, attended flight schools and not one got a job to clean our toilets, cut backyard.s grass, and watched children so parents can drive a BMW, and so on. The hard working immigrants that are here because today's system of government does not allow them to be recognized as legal citizens, do not deserve to be counted with those filthy terrorists. There is a huge difference there in character and principles. If one wants to ignore the facts and use 9/11 as an excuse to persecute those that came to work in jobs that we do not want, there is nothing we can do to be clearer. President Bush before 9/11 recognized that there were jobs in America that people here did not want to take. Why the fuss about the tired hands that come to our shores seeking to take those low pay jobs and submit themselves to be discriminated by the American society? We are spitting on the dish that we eat. They are the plate we eat on. Every facet of our society depends on them and nobody in America is independent of their backbreaking work. As the Lord of President Bush said before: "Those that do not have sin cast the first stone." If you do not condemn, you will not be condemned also. Unless you are a Native American, you should be thinking on a way to legalize the "illegals" the same way you were legalized. There will be always the other side of any story and those that want to be intolerants should not ask me to be tolerant about their ancestor's invasion of my land. If you feel you have the right to persecute others for invading "your land", I have the right to complain about your presence here in America also.

Erick Seven Hawks