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Dear Editor:
It is truly unfortunate that Gary Endelman's scholarly, but contradictive, article, "Elephant In The Room", concludes that in the present dilemma between the desires of illegals and the rule of law that amnesty is inevitable and that our national will, law, social fabric and sovereignty must be subordinated to that of foreigners, special interests and to cover the failures of Congress in enforcing immigration policies. He correctly notes the futility of any form of amnesty which only encourages further illegal entry and amnesties and the corrosive effect upon our social fabric and rule of law and points out the need to reform immigration policies to avoid future amnesties. But he errs not only in acquiescing to a amnesty now, but also in the type of reform that most of America wants (as opposed to special and political interests). We can no longer absorb and subsidize the huge numbers that are coming here or would like to. The reform that is needed is a return to limited, controlled and allocated entry policies with a time out applying to Mexico, not to "regularize" the invasion. The latter is something desirable for our digestive systems, not to excessive immigration and lawbreakers. Just one more amnesty and then never again was the lie that we have heard before. This is no different than Congress deceitfully saying, just let us raise the debt limit one more time and then we will control our spending. To blame US or our policies for illegal entry is specious. The bank robber who followed suit would demand that the bank change their policies to parallel the robbers desire for "a better life" and to make his work easier, less risky and with full pardon (and possibly even with an cross nation march to Washington). It is also a misrepresentation to generalize that "all they want to do is come here and work". Many come here to commit crimes and do and all who violate our borders begin their American experience with a criminal act against US. How can this possibly be the basis for any amnesty or citizenship? How can the callous pandering to illegals for political or profit motives be justified in view of the greater parameters involved? How is the Rule of Law preserved or honored by making a mockery of it? How is the truth obviated by marginalizing it? The way to deal with an elephant in the room is to remove it and to repair the reasons it came to be there, not to feed it, make it a permanent resident and allow it to make a mess and take over or destroy the house. However, an invited dog, cat or other manageable relationship is usually welcomed if not coerced or untenable. Such a policy is not anti-house guest, but merely a restrictive one that limits non-residents in a reasonable manner that secures the integrity, interests and property rights of the homeowner. The real "elephant in the house" that so many ignore is the truth that a home or a nation should be secured for the benefit and interests of its owner/citizens, not others. That many continue to exhibit a condition of xenomania against the interests of the citizen owners of America is violative of reason, law, sovereignty, our rights and what we have long laboriously struggled to build by a huge sacrifice of toil, blood, sweat and tears of our own. To capriciously dilute this is beyond being inappropriate.

R. L. Ranger