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Dear Editor:
It is ironic that most American employers discriminate candidates while recruiting. They insist that potential candidates should be American citizens. They do not want to employ green card holders on this pretext. On the other hand, they also liberally issue H1 visas to unknown foreigners. Large numbers of jobs are also outsourced to Asian countries. I do not understand this contradiction. Why should US employers discriminate against green card holders while the H1 visa is issued on the one hand and jobs are outsourced overseas to unknown foreigners? The US govt may pass a law to prevent discrimination against green card holders. Also a law may be passed for diversity and to ensure that ethnic minority may be represented in all sectors of the economy. All employers should have some percentage of employees from among green card holders and from ethnic minorities. Otherwise, it is better for the US govt to stop issuing green cards if it wants to rely on H1 visas. American companies are now outsourcing jobs to overseas Asian countries at the rate of 500,000 every year. At this rate, unemployment will increase in US. There will be less disposable income to these employees which will create an economic recession in the US. In addition, there will be a burden on unemployment funds and social security, as they will be releasing allowances to the unemployed. The US govt will also not earn taxes which these individuals otherwise give on their earnings. Americans will lose a learning opportunity that these outsourced jobs would have provided. It will gradually lose skills and knowledge and expertise and know-how. All these will get transferred overseas. There may be a brain drain. Also, America will pay these overseas workers in foreign exchange and it will affect the current balance of payments. Worst of all, this will affect the US strategically and from the security and defense point of view because operations will be controlled from aboard and American companies will be exposed to fraud and security risks and it will be dependent on small Asian countries who will take full advantage of the US: economically, security-wise and politically. US govt should pass legislation against outsourcing and against H1 visas. Salary structure should be revised to make American workers more competitive. Also green card holders should be given preference for jobs instead of jobs going to outsourcing and H1 workers.

Name Not Provided