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Dear Editor:
Justin Randolph's letters continue his misleading comments by erroneously stating that I had, "predicted a civil war due to the evils of miscegenation" and remarkably equates a reasonable and entirely objective advocacy of limited immigration to the strident views of the KKK. The facts are that I have never commented upon the inter-marrying of races and only mentioned that some views had been expressed that excessive immigration and the resulting separatism could lead to civil strife. Whether this strife results in a civil war or "mere" Balkanization is not so important as the observation that the highly touted benefits of a diverse society seem to break down when immigration is excessive. If Mr. Randolph chooses to laugh and misconstrue comments, I can only refer him to Ecclesiastes 7:3-6. It is also remarkable that an immigration attorney could be ignorant or choose to remain oblivious to excessive immigrations many negative effects and separatist movements such as the Black Panthers or MEChA. MEChA is an acronym for Moviemiento Estudiantil Chicano de AZTLAN (Chicano Student Movement). AZTLAN refers to the US southwestern states which MEChA claims were stolen from Mexico (disclaiming the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, $15 million paid and other considerations), must be reconquered (Reconquista) and reclaimed for Mexico. MEChA stridently advocates separatism with the ultimate goal of revolution and the overthrow of the US government. MEChA is a growing and increasingly militant presence on university, high school and junior high school campuses. Typical of their statements are, "The ultimate ideology is the liberation of Aztlan", "We do not seek assimilation; we seek self-preservation of our culture and language", "Chicanos have to get a lot more militant about defending our rights", "This land is ours and always will be." "When the people in this building don't listen to the demands of our community, it's time to burn it down!" "You are living in Nazi U.S. We can't let them take us to those intellectual ovens." While the KKK has all but faded into oblivion, these groups have taken its place. For Mr. Randolph to equate rational and objective observations of this phenomenon to hate, venom and a KKK view, when these groups actually are the modern day equivalents, is beyond being disingenuous. The observations and concerns of millions of Americans as typified by the following articles can not be ignored or dismissed as Mr. Randolph would (mis)lead us to believe: "Allegiance --- Have We Thought About It" "Legal Immigration is a Problem Too" "Is Mexico Reconquering U.S. SouthWest?" Mr. Randolph should know that I have just concluded a lengthy construction project with a Latino friend, working very harmoniously together with future projects pending.

R. L. Ranger