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Dear Editor:
Justin Randolph's letter of 9/25 misleadingly attempts to portray limited immigration advocates as a small, out of the mainstream group and that we should listen to the "regular folks in the middle". To the contrary, it is the excessive entry crowd that is the minority according to polls and it is only because of organized, vested interests including money that we have the present immigration problems. This is rapidly changing as many "regular folks" are experiencing the harmful effects of the entry invasion. You can't get much more regular or "in the middle" than the Eggle family whose son was killed by an illegal border crosser. Regular Americans Tom DeWeese and Phyllis Schlafly discuss their concerns with illegal immigration at: (and) Unless the real, middle America begins to be listened to, rather than the special interests, the future of America can be seen in the present turmoil of California. Here, illegal and excessive immigration affects virtually aspect of the people. California taxpayers spend up to $10 billion a year on education, health care, and other services for illegals. Sprawl and congestion is everywhere. Schools are bulging with students, and many don't speak English. Hospitals are going broke. Crime is rampant. Unemployment remains high, and illegal aliens are taking jobs away from American citizens, especially black Americans. Hundreds of thousands of native Californians are leaving the state because of the never-ending taxes to pay for the millions of very poor and uneducated people invading the state, and because the state they grew up in has become another country. Friction among the many cultures is growing with people predicting in letters to newspaper editors and on radio talk shows that a civil war may erupt. This is the future of continued, unlimited immigration unless the voices of truly, regular Americans are heard.

R. L. Ranger

Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
Enter your email address here: