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Dear Editor:
I just finished reading Mr. Alan Lee's article entitled, "The Next Amnesty? Can You Prepare For It?" on ILW.COM. As always, the flaw in every immigration bill is the fact that they pander only to illegal aliens, and not those who are only temporarily legal. To be very specific, my son, now 21 years old, has been living in the US legally for 20 years. He is still legal, since his I-94 (as a dependent E-2 recipient) expires in April 2004. But because of the length of time he has spent in the US and because I was denied when I applied for an E-13 immigrant visa (although I have retained my E-2 visa) because the INS claimed that my business was too small, having only $400,000 in net equity at the time of my application, we already know that my son will be denied when he applies for an adjustment of status to F-1 before his I-94 expires next year, because the past will show "immigrant intent". So if H.R. 2899 passes while my son is legal, then he is not covered, and gets left out in the dust to fend for himself as an illegal alien, when all he has done is to obey the law for the last 20 years. Do you see the utter stupidity of the people who draft these immigration bills? I have been an investor and have provided jobs to Americans for over 20 years, and yet my family is not welcome as permanent residents in this country. My son, a senior at U.C. Berkeley majoring in Math and minoring in Computer Science, has always been a 4.0 student until now, when his GPA finally dropped to 3.8 as a result of his worries over his legal status. Consequently, I just this week managed to convince my son for us to give up the fight, and to move to Canada with us early month, where he has been accepted for late enrollment into Canada's top university, after explaining to the admission officials how unreasonable the US government, and US Immigration are. This is a perfect example of how America's failure to act fast, and act correctly, continues to result in America's loss and in the gain of another country. I do not discount the possibility that someday in the distant future (and maybe in the very near future), great grandchildren of members of Congress will be looking to immigrate to Australia, Canada, Norway, or some other country, simply because their great grandparents did not do what was right.