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Dear Editor:
It is to be expected that the ultra-liberal Los Angeles Times, which is so terrified of Arnold Schwarzenegger's candidacy, would publish almost daily hit pieces about Arnold such as the alleged visa violation in 1971. But when an immigration lawyer like Greg Siskind repeats the piece in his newsletter,, it's the height of hypocrisy. The Democrats are the ones (which I suspect the majority of the immigration bar, certainly AILA, supports) who are giving illegals in California driver's licenses and free college tuition. And they're worried about some obscure alleged and iffy violation of a guy a generation ago? Just unbelievable. Furthermore, I thought immigration lawyers are supposed to be helping immigrants to adjust their status to permanent residence through section 245(i), which forgives most such nonimmigrant visa violations. Who knows when Arnold got his green card but if the alleged visa violation had been an issue at his adjustment interview, it was surely dealt with by his immigration lawyer at the time. I also suspect that it's because Arnold is a white European immigrant, that the LA Times and their lackeys are concerned about this phony immigration issue. If he were a Latino candidate like Bustamente, they wouldn't have brought this up. Now that the en banc 9th Circuit has resoundingly allowed the recall to go forward again, I say to the LA Times and the other publications to get out of the way of the recall and Arnold. P.S. By the way, why don't you preserve the letter writers' paragraphs. It's extremely burdensome and tiring to read the long letters as one paragraph. Your newsletter is full of paragraph spacings itself. Do the letters' paragraphs impinge upon your publishing software?

Michael D.

Editor's Note: Please see Editor's comments above.