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Dear Editor:
Chucky's letter did not claim that a serial rapist was representative of illegal aliens. Had he made such a statement, it would be as ridiculous as saying that all illegal aliens are hard working people who don't mean us harm. The fact is that there are both, and because they have not gone through our legal immigration process the only thing we really know about them as a group is their willingness to break our laws. Whether it's a visa overstay who committed fraud in his application, or violated his visa by working, or someone who came without inspection and remains here daily in violation of the law, they disrespect our law and our values. As for how we know the will of the American people, we know it through the ballot box. We have elected Congresspeople who represent us and are accountable to us (when they aren't being bought by special interests). So far, Congress has not seen fit as a body to loosen our immigration requirements, and until they do, those laws should be honored. Those groups aiding and abetting illegal immigrants, including those participating in the so-called Freedom Ride, are imposing their will on us contrary to our stated wishes. A more direct measure of public opinion can be obtained by checking out the major polls by independent organizations such as Gallup that show most Americans want our immigration laws upheld. As for 245(i) not being an amnesty, the law itself is not, since those applying are still eligible for deportation. However, the outcome is an amnesty, you pay your money and you can stay here as if you were never here illegally. To all intents and purposes, that is an amnesty. And if 245(i) is a "solution" to illegal immigration, it's a poor one. The opportunity ended in April 2001, yet we have millions of illegal aliens who have not applied under it, suggesting that they either came after the law, or that they were not eligible at the time it was enacted, that they did not have the necessary family or employment relationships. If the former, then it likely induced them to come illegally. If the latter, well their labor obviously wasn't valuable enough for someone to be willing to sponsor them. As for family reunification, well, why should some US citizens and LPRs be able to bring in their relatives illegally, and have them adjust here under 245(i), while most legal residents and citizens must wait for literally years to even bring their loved ones here because they follow the law? Furthermore, 245(i) diverted resources from serving those who follow the law, forcing them to wait longer to be reunited with their families. Also, just to be clear, visa overstays are not eligible for adjustment under 245(i). And, if they marry a US citizen, they could and still can adjust under 245(a).[corrected 9/25/03 - Ed.] 245(i) generally covered (immigration lawyers, please correct me if I'm wrong) only those who entered illegally.

Ali Alexander