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Dear Editor:
SJD and Richard Baer's letters to the Editor could be Exhibits A and B in the case against immigration lawyers being the sole or major determinants of entry policy. SJD's elitist and self-serving belief that, "...only people with a sophisticated grasp of the complexities of immigration law can contribute significantly...", is typical. The sole purpose and existence of America is not to process and to assimilate unlimited numbers of foreigners. We are a nation with lives, goals and problems of our own. This statement includes recent immigrant citizens. There is no right of non-citizens to migrate here, but it is a privilege, or should be. Any individual, profession, or policy that fails to recognize this is an infringement upon existing citizens and their rights. To be against the massive immigration invasion is not to be anti-immigrant. It is only to recognize the negative impact, difficulties and imposition of excessive entry and to advocate limited entry numbers. Those who tout the benefits of immigration ignoring reasonable limits or advocating unlimited numbers do a disservice to our society. When one takes a morning shower, the reasonable behavior is to seek a proper mix of hot and cold water that is acceptable without being harmful. The idiocy of calling someone a "thermophobe" or accusations of discrimination, hate or venom against cold or hot water in this process or to maintain that only an attorney can determine the proper ratio reveals, by this practical example, such name calling and rhetoric for what it is, a phony and bankrupt intellectual position with possible other motivations. The record levels of legal immigration, together with massive illegal entry is the equivalent of scalding hot water upon US. SJD still maintains that, "... our country was built on the backs of slaves and illegal immigrants, or on our illegal conquest of land" despite my last letter discussing the US history of land purchases from those who never compensated anyone and we are told over and over that it was primarily migrants who built our country. (Slaves are not considered migrants in the strict meaning) What is truly amazing is that in the aftermath of 9/11 and with the ongoing terrorist threat, much of it made possible by lax immigration and border policies, that Mr. Baer can make the statement that, "...the fears against immigrants are as unjustified today they were in the past". When entry is not limited, allocated and controlled, the conditions in which terrorists can operate are created along with numerous other negatives. Even his reference, "The Hidden History of Immigration" by Martin Ford states as its theme that, "History often hides from those who make it" and goes into some detail about the great difficulties of assimilation of migrants, stating that it takes three generations to accomplish. This can only be done on a limited, controlled basis and to allow otherwise overloads our systems and society. Mr. Ford also makes many references to the orderly, limited and screening process that went on at Ellis Island. How is that possible today with the blatant numbers of undocumented and untracked entrants? He also states that from the 1600's to 1890, that 7 million Germans came to America. We have had more than that of Mexican illegals in the past decade. This is the reason Mexico and Latinos have to be prominently mentioned in addressing this problem because of their proximity, numbers and separatist statements and aggressive actions. The Europeans, Africans and others can't swim across the Atlantic. This is succinctly discussed by Prof. Maria Hsia Chang in "Multiculturism, Immigration and Aztlan" at: This phenomenon constitutes an Immigration emergency as defined in 8 USC 1101 (INA) Section 103(a)(8) 65.81, which defines: "Immigration emergency means an actual or imminent influx of aliens which is of such magnitude or exhibits such other characteristics that effective administration of the immigration laws of the United States is beyond the existing capabilities of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) in the affected area or areas". And with the porous borders, has the cooperation of Mexico with other nations against our interests been considered? It has by Scott Gulbransen whose recent book at: describes an active Chinese military influence taking place in northern Mexico. We would be foolish to assume that 9/11 is the end of threats. Neither Mexico, nor the millions of them who have come here will always be content to remain in the "poor neighbor" role. It cannot be stated any clearer in regards to illegals than Ali Alexander's letter has done: "...ultimately, my main objection to legalizing those here illegally, visa overstays or EWI, is that it is fundamentally unfair and unjust". The several amnesties of the past have not been the solution as SJD naively hopes, but have only resulted in millions more making the arrogant decision to violate our borders, culture and sovereignty making the problem worse. To reward lawbreaking is wrong. The reform that is needed is to fully secure the borders and to reduce immigration levels to manageable levels (with a moratorium on Mexico due to past excesses) which enhances security. The desires and pocketbooks of foreigners, globalists and excessive immigration advocates should not come before those of US citizens.

R. L. Ranger