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Dear Editor:
In response to Mr. Murray's letter, I can't believe an immigration attorney could paint such a villified portrait of illegal aliens. At least I have always assumed that Mr. Murry was an immigration attorney. And, why is someone with the intellect and historical perspective to see both sides of the coin, still talking as if the concessions made to illegal immigrants are made solely in their interests, out of charity, if you will, when in fact they are made largely to placate the corporate interests who employ them and to benefit our society as a whole. To be fair, Mr. Murray does advocate sanctioning employers as well, but in the end, he proposes sending all the illegal workers back, and substituting them with new ones from abroad. Not only does that make no business or economic sense, it makes no common sense either to take people who are doing a terrific job and have gained the trust of their employers and replace them sight unseen with a new, legal crop of workers - legal only by virtue of a law change called a guest worker program, which could just as easily have been a law change called an amnesty program. At least with amnesty, employers would know what they are getting. Whatever happened to the American love affair with manifest destiny and the pioneer spirit? Clearly, part of the reason why the illegals appeal to US employers is because they had the chutzpah to risk everything to make it a new world. They have the same enterprising spirit, work ethic and perseverance that has been the cornerstone of American westward expansion and American industry throughout our history. And yet Mr. Murray wants employers to fire the workers who have already proven themselves and are providing high quality service only to turn around and hire some new workers sitting comfortably abroad waiting for an opportunity to immigrate legally. This flies in the face of everything this country has ever stood for. Furthermore, since many of these jobs the illegals are holding are not highly skilled positions requiring any experience at all, by what criteria would the prospective replacement crews be judged - if not their grit and determination to make it in a new land against tremendous odds. And, then there's the small matter of our own illegal beginnings. Did white settlers have the legal rights to the land they wrested from the Native Americans as they moved west? They did not. And, yet, they were rewarded for their enterprise because it was thought that it served the greater good of human progress, not to mention the pocketbooks of certain tycoons. In fact, in many cases, laws were passed after the fact to legitimize the transgression. Were not we all then, every one of us in this country "legally" today, the beneficiaries of a colossal amnesty when, instead of being prosecuted for decimating millions of Indians in violation of signed treaties, we were awarded title to their land? Employing Mr. Murray's logic, our ancestors (well not mine because I'm a second generation Italian immigrant from this century) were not law abiding either and neither they, nor their descendants deserve to be happy. And what about slavery, that legal, yet undisputably immoral institution without which our country would never have become the economic power it is today? Let us not forget who we are and where we came from, nor the blood on our hands.