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Dear Editor:
In response to David Murray's "radical" "deport or deny" letter, it was Barry Goldwater who said, "I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue." A drastic situation demands a "drastic" solution. There are many bills for consideration now that would address the illegal problem that would be even less drastic than Murray's. As the present Iraq conflict has once again shown, nationhood is a test of power and will exercised in self-interest and in the most civilized manner possible. If our nation is to survive, the sanction of deportation must be vigorously pursued as well as other reasonable methods, against all those who would impose their will upon US in violation of our rights and sovereignty (whether by terrorism, warfare or demographics). Read: "Undue  Influence -- The Government of Mexico and U.S. Immigration Policies". Also, read in USC, Title 8, Sec. 1103 (Powers and Duties of the US Attorney General): "(1) The Attorney General shall be charged with the administration and enforcement of this chapter and all other laws relating to the immigration and naturalization of aliens... (5) He shall have the power and duty to control and guard the boundaries and borders of the US against the illegal entry of aliens and shall, in his discretion, appoint for that purpose such number of employees of the Service as to him shall appear necessary and proper." Sanctions against illegals and those who hire them can be done in the most orderly, respectful manner possible without resorting to really onerous methods. If we are unable to summon the will to defend our Nation in even civilized ways, then it may be fitting as well as inevitable that traditional America be transformed as present migration policies are allowing. Pres. Bush needs to be as concerned about Mexico as he has been with Iraq and others. While all illegals may not be terrorists, the border, immigration and other quasi-legal violations and maneuvers can no longer be tolerated as all such fosters an atmosphere in which terrorists can operate as well as disrespect for our sovereignty and is destructive of a cohesive society. 

R. L. Ranger