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Dear Editor:
At the risk of sounding callus and uncaring, I must respond to Elise Hines's response to my previous letter which commented on her original letter to Immigration Daily. While I do not fully understand much Mrs. Hines' rambling response, just as I was unable to decipher some of the hieroglyphics of her original letter, the bottom line is that while she applauds ILW.COM as a publication that provides quality information to immigration lawyers and the general public and has a great system of connecting immigration lawyers with people in need of their services, Mrs. Hines' husband's troubles were not begun, nor were they ended at ILW.COM. It must not be forgotten that we people of the US comprise a nation of laws, not men. (I will not here justify or debate the fact that some laws are bad laws and need to be revised.) We must all, citizen and alien alike, respect and abide by American law, immigration laws included and those who do not run the risk of paying the penalty proscribed by the law - whether or not we like or agree with that law. In response to Mrs. Hines' direct query, yes, I would have advised any "immigrant/patient without formal education and sophistication" that there was no defense to the crime of claiming to be a US citizen and voting in elections of the US. Such person would not have wanted to hear it, but it would have been the truth. I am always honest and forthright with my clients, and I sometimes catch flack for that, but no client of mine can ever accuse me of not telling them the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, no matter how dismal the truth may be, or how it may offend their tender sensibility.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA

Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
Enter your email address here: