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Dear Editor:
In response to Mr. Murray's letter, I wish you had read my letter before responding. In response to S.Salik's letter, thank you for your response and seeming grasp of what I wrote. Mr. Murray, I did not say my husband took American jobs. I did not say we feel victimized or violated by the laws of the US, my beloved country....indeed an oxymoron as no one spends thousands of dollars and valuable time seeking legal remedies to allow continued residency in a country if victimized. My letter stated that my husband committed a despicable crime 16 years' ago and it stated that upon my learning of this crime, we "turned ourselves in" to numerous government agencies including the INS over a 3-year time frame. At best we were considered wasting their time; at worst we were crazy. Obviously my knee-jerk response to noxious stimulus learned 5-months after marriage, abeit seeming logical enforcement resources at the time. Mr. Murray, annullment was an obvious option for me but I electively married my husband, his prior behavior simply became an obstacle that had to be overcome in whatever fashion was available to us. My letter aimed to address immigrants who are not as well-connected as am I and who are able to move to another country, but who wish to avail themselves of any/all lawful remedies, should they exit, or at least explore options to become legal. That was the desire of my husband. I wrote to praise the services provided by ILW.COM. Ms. Hines and husband were indeed victims of professional irresponsibility by an attorney not listed on ILW.COM. Should that imply disdain for lawyers in general, I don't think so. There are rotten doctors in my area. I aimed to share my experience with immigrants to possibly prevent similar pitfalls in their legalization efforts. I suggested obtaining second or third opinions; hopefully locate this web site (ILW.COM) in a timely fashion, ask questions of the lawyer regardless of their ignorance and embarrassment, demand clear and understandable answers, and by all means at the end of the day feel sufficiently knowledgable to make informed decisions before they pay expensive legal fees to receive nothing in return. This was my failure, not my government's failure. Mr. Murray, if infectious disease doc's "bawled-out", humiliated, intimidated, and belitted patients who appear for help with often terminal, self-inflicted illnesses derived through ignorance or absolute disregard for appropriate social conduct, what would be accomplished other than to cause that patient to run as fast as possible from the office, remain in denial and hide, spreading disease, and continued conduct that affects all of society? Do you only accept innocent immigrant clients? Are you always this dispassionate and judgmental with clients seeking relief or a different lifestyle even if there is nothing encouraging to tell them how to prepare for a dismal final outcome. What is served by assuming that all people are w/o a conscience and deliberately write jokes and fiction on ILW.COM? Do you design to run away the "misfits" who finally get the courage to inquire, 'is there any help for me'? Mr. Murray, if I were the immigrant/patient without formal education and sophistication who visited ILW.COM and read your response, I believe I would most certainly feel defeated before I ever sought treatment or legal assistance. How does that serve to address ongoing social ills that all of us so regularly whine about? Again, my appreciation to ILW.COM for its service. I wish I had located this address 6 months earlier.

elise hines