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Dear Editor:
On this day of remembrance of the first attack upon our soil in almost two hundred years, we should expect that Americans would be more secure now with the lessons of two years ago. Despite the fact that lax immigration policies were a contributing factor in the WTC tragedy, borders are still unsecured and routinely violated, visa violations and other "lawful" programs are taken advantage of and the massive entry by foreigners continues. Some politicians call for amnesties outright or disguised as guest worker programs which would defy the rule of law, encourage millions of others to migrate and would be an insult to those who wait their turn legally. State and local policies hinder attempts at national security. See: The statistics in the NIF press release of 9/11 are a testament to the result of excessive entry policies and mentions none of the numerous negative effects with the WTC disaster being only the most dramatic. Millions of others are affected and victims as well. The Statue of Liberty was not intended to be an invitation for the world to come to US, but as an example and beacon of the ideal of liberty which is not fostered with massive immigration. David Murray's response to Elise Hines is right on the money as expectation of foreigners that any can come here and become citizens without limitation and thumbing their noses at our sovereignty is not realistic. Limited, controlled and allocated immigration has the potential to be beneficial and to achieve all or most of the positives that open border advocates erroneously attribute to the mass invasion we presently have. I don't believe that millions of Mexicans sneaking across our borders or other similar arrogant violations are what Emma Lazarus had in mind and cannot be justified with present security and societal needs.

R. L. Ranger