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Dear Editor:
There would be little disagreement with Richard Baer's 7/16 quotation of the Pres. Bush comment of matching a "willing employer and a willing worker" if it were primarily confined to US citizens. As this open quote has no such qualification, the current flood of legal and illegal "migrant"/invaders is problematic. This is the same President whose administration has just announced a whopping $455 billion deficit including almost $5 billion per month in Iraq and is also running an annual trade deficit of about $500 billion. To this can be added an estimated $44 trillion dollars in unfunded US obligations or about 1/2 million per family and private debt of another 1/4 million per family. Is there a relationship between uncontrolled spending and immigration? Enormous pressure is introduced by such excess upon governments, business and individuals to reduce costs, thus the attraction of cheap labor which brings a myriad of new problems. The same "law of supply and demand" mentioned in the NIF press release of 7/16 with too many dollars chasing relatively fixed goods and services causes all prices to rise. Reform is needed as NIF states, but not the legalization of the present foreign invasion that they and other open immigration advocates have in mind. Reduced government spending at all levels would greatly reduce the present myopic fix of cheap labor at the overall detriment of the taxpayer and society. Pres. Bush, et al, have discovered that similar to his Texas ranch, he has more money left to spend if cheap labor sources are used, but he is not the owner of America, only the CEO manager (Do we have another Enron here?) with a fiduciary duty to citizens, not to indulge himself, his administration or non-citizens. See: U.S.C. Title 8, Section 1103 (1-5) [and] Mr. Baer's analogy of Prohibition to Mexican's violating our borders is flawed not only because of the more serious nature of the offense, but the entirely different situation of non-citizens usurping our sovereignty, some of whom have ulterior motives of an Aztlan takeover. Once again, it is a limited and controlled immigration policy that provides the most benefits with the least problems. In closing, I am aware that David Murray has contributed much to this forum and subject, but so also has Norm Matloff.

R.L. Ranger