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Dear Editor:
I'm still not sure that I understand Mr. Matloff's position. His letter indicates that the H visa program is tantamount to slavery or indentured servitude binding the employee to the employer for many years if the employee seeks to pursue a labor certification petition with that same employer. It also appears that his letter supports a system where the employee can work for whomever he or she would like while in the process of getting a green card. Well, actually I believe that he is a proponent of that type of program only for the elite of foreign nations. But the issue of artificially low wages via the prevailing wage system being a problem for the H visa program would be a problem no matter what system is in place. The loopholes that Mr. Matloff's letter talks of but doesn't describe would exist regardless of what kind of visa was being sought. So we are back to an enforcement issue, or lobbying the government to close the loopholes, or in a true show of capitalism, doing away with the prevailing wage altogether and letting the market dictate the wage. The most interesting thing about these kinds of debates is that we are talking about people who make tens of thousands of dollars a year and work in offices. No one seems to care about the foreign farm workers who really are virtual slaves or indentured servants. These poor souls make $10-15/day and work in conditions that rival sharecropping farms all sanctioned by the DOL. They are subject to physical abuse sometimes including rape and have no one to complain to. It appears to me that our priorities are not in order.

Justin G. Randolph, Carpenter & Capt, Chtd.
Chicago, IL

Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
Enter your email address here: