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The White House, President George W. Bush

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
July 3, 2003

President Bush Discusses Upcoming Africa Trip with Reporters
Remarks by the President in Roundtable Interview with African Print Journalists
The Roosevelt Room

10:30 A.M. EDT [ ...]

Q We understand that many African countries, like many countries in the world, get a lot of help from their immigrants living in the United States.


Q And in the South America, at one point there were some special programs for immigrants, illegal immigrants, living here from Nicaragua, from El Salvador. Will you consider supporting a special program for countries that are fighting for a democracy -- for the --

THE PRESIDENT: Temporary protective status, we call that TPS. We analyze that on a case by case basis. TPS generally is granted for those who are fleeing a very difficult political situation. In Senegal's case, the situation doesn't look very -- it looks the opposite of difficult political situation. It's a very stable political situation. But we'll analyze any TPS requests.

DR. RICE: -- remittances.

THE PRESIDENT: Are you talking about remittances, people sending money from here to there?

Q No, what I'm saying is like a TPS, to support democracy in countries because they can't on that -- the Senegalese here sent about $80 million a year to their country.

THE PRESIDENT: So it's a combination of status and money being remitted, yes.

Well, we look at that. Of course, you know -- TPS recognizes that, first of all, illegal immigration is an issue that we've got to deal with. And nobody wants anything illegal happening. But we recognize people come to our country not legally, and that sometimes they come for political reasons. And that's why we have the TPS exceptions. And we'll look at it case by case.

[ ... ]

[ End ]