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Dear Editor:
I'm not sure that Mr. Matloff's letter accurately assesses the H-1B program. I don't see any bar to being promoted as an H-1B visa holder other than the need to file a new H-1B visa for the new position. Certainly an H-1B employee can receive raises so the income need not be stagnant. Also – and I know Mr. Matloff didn't say this but he did quote it – the H-1B program is a non-immigrant visa so the requirement that the employee leave after he or she has used up the required time shouldn't be a surprise to Murali Devarakonda. It's not like H-1B visa holders are dragged over seas in shackles to write code for Microsoft. By the way, it seems that people think H-1B visa holders are only in tech positions. I'd say that only 30% of the H-1B visas that come through the office that I work in have anything to do with computers or the computer industry. There are a variety of fields, who for a variety of reasons hire H-1B visa holders. Particularly in my area, a big city, where being a skilled professional and speaking multiple languages is a necessity for many businesses. Also, Mr. Matloff seems to dislike the importation of cheap labor but whole heartedly supports the “brain drain” taking place around the world where the US entices the best of the best to ditch their homeland, weakening their country while making our stronger. I can't see how those positions are compatible ethically. As far as the reference to slavery goes, it makes not one wit of difference if people who shared Mr. Matloff's religion were slaves, the H-1B program is not slavery it is a voluntary undertaking on both sides. I don't mind a proposal that would allow H-1B workers true portability at the same time they are seeking permanent resident status even if it cuts out the immigration attorneys. Though considering the bumbling agency that administers the immigration laws in this country I am sure there would be plenty of work for lawyers familiar with immigration law so that isn't a real concern to me. Employees and employers will always need protection from the mistakes made by the BCIS.

Chicago, IL