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Dear Editor:
The scholarly conclusion of Norm Matloff of the University of California-Davis that the H-1B visa program is directly harming US citizens is more significant than many readers may realize. This same politically correct institution publishes the respected "Migration News", a thorough and objective report of immigration trends available free by email. The "pause for thought" that he has provided is one that many are reconsidering in regards to our overly generous and loosely enforced entry policies that results in many harmful manifestations including security concerns, contrary to the naive statements of Name Not Provided and others. Many wonder if such liberal policies can be attributed to "a good deed" on the part of excessive immigration advocates, as Mr. Matloff suggests, which regardless of any individual's motive or sincerity seems to serve only the interests of those with more political and profit motivations. After months of proclamations of pure motives of human rights, idealistic poems and novels, we now see an admission of a more base motivation that allows them to "fill menial jobs", as stated in Richard Baer's 6/26 letter. This and the noted comments of Mr. Matloff in regards to the servitude nature of the visa programs, even in other than menial jobs, do not exactly portray an egalitarian utopia. The speech of former INS head, James Ziglar has a good amount of merit, particularly in regards to recognition of the Constitution. But one has to wonder if he has read Article IV, Section 4 which guarantees that the US will protect the States, "...each of them against Invasion". His frequent references to "freedom" in regards to immigrants does not seem to apply to violated citizen's rights when excessive numbers of foreigners are allowed and encouraged to legally and illegally "migrate" or invade US. There is no right or freedom of others to come here, only as may be controlled, limited, allocated, and allowed as determined by our sovereign interests, not special interests.

R. L. Ranger