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Dear Editor:
I have looked hard and long at the evolving state of the entity called America. Sometimes I shake my head at the thoughts and actions of many people both within and outside the Government. One of them a somewhat rabid politician call Rep. Tancredo who seeks cheap popularity and re-election by taking pot shots at immigrants. Others include the current Attorney General and other Government agents. Please note that the immigrants (documented and undocumented, there is a very thin line these days) have not caused any negative impact in the country. This country has always needed immigrants far back as I know it. When I arrived in this country, I felt relatively welcome and grateful for the opportunity. Now I feel so unwelcome in the general mood in the country. Immigrants are often associated with terrorists, blamed for everything and I just feel the mood is to get rid of as many immigrants as possible. Look at the song and dance immigrants have to go through to become a permanent resident. The current labor certification I am informed has no meaningful chance of success. Even all other registrations like Third Country National registering has become significantly tighter. That's ok. This is a country where civil liberties were going to be preserved no matter what. What goes around comes around. When the hard right wingers are done with immigrants, they will turn to citizens. I used to live under a dictator where you have more sense than to speak your mind over the phone. Now, every immigrant is scared to talking over the phone and discussing politics or private matters, in case someone is listening. I can live with that. I have decided to leave the country even before my visa expires. I hope when all the dust settles, America will go back to its greatness. Too many people have died to make America great. I can focus better on my future in any other country where I am welcome including my native country instead of having to constantly worry about the future. I am grateful for the opportunity to live and work and acquire top notch skills here in the US. I wish the country all the best.

Name Not Provided

Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
Enter your email address here: