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Dear Editor:
In response to the furor over the outsourcing of computer programing jobs, the inability to bring in needed H-1B workers, misuse of the L-1 program and the like, perhaps it is time to step back and look at the overall policies in Washington and determine exactly what the priorities and purposes are of these policies. First a few facts. Product of all types can be manufactured overseas and sold in the US without regard to the wages that would have to be paid to US workers if the product was made here. As a result we now have a "service economy" because it does not make sense for most manufacturers to build product here. The wages paid in China, Bangladesh and the like are so small in comparison to the wages paid in the US, that a manufacturer in the US cannot compete with these foreign made goods. Strangely, the fact that Washington keeps prevailing wages at a level that allows US workers to enjoy a reasonable standard of living results in the flow of jobs overseas. The corollary to this policy should be to protect domestic jobs by forcing the price of imported goods to reflect the price of production if the goods were made in America. The present policy is the affirmation of the principle that any and all goods can be "dumped," to use a labor term, into the American market and that dumping these goods is allowed to destroy American industry. Having allowed the major companies to succeed in destroying American production of many consumer goods, Congress has moved on to allowing the major companies to destroy the "service economy". Rather than allow the growth of American service, Congress has seen fit to allow the mass importation of work product without regularizing the price in terms of American labor. The major companies are happy not to have the work done here. It is done overseas at a fraction of the cost, and allowed to be brought in without an equalizing duty. So, if product production jobs are shipped overseas and the products allowed to be dumped here, at the cost of US workers; and service jobs are shipped overseas and the work allowed to be dumped at the cost of US workers; what jobs are left, who is being serviced and who is watching out for our interests? I have an interest in immigration. I bring foreign nurses to the US to work in our medical facilities. The nurses all join the union, if there is one, become citizens as soon as legally possible and contribute to our economy and to our general health. These nurses are not the enemy of either the anti-immigrationists or the unions. Our real enemy is our leaders who allow foreign workers to take American jobs without regard to the effect on our economy, and allow the major companies to profit off of this policy. These workers are paid very low wages and they never come to the US to spend their wages or must pay our taxes. They are allowed to prey on our economy without having to contribute. Only their work product comes to the US, and there is little or no tax on that.

Charles A. Grutman, President
Pilot Employment Agency II, Inc.