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Dear Editor:
Those who believe that every Mexican and others who show up at our borders or violates them should be embraced and made citizens with full benefits need a strong dose of reality. The Mexican government strongly opposes the US enforcement of its immigration policies including the cooperation of local police or sheriffs in detaining illegals in the normal course of their daily activities, but in Mexico, it's a different story. Their General Law of Population, Capitulo III - Articulo 73, requires that law enforcement cooperate with their immigration officials in the deportation of illegals in Mexico, to wit: "The authorities who, by virtue of law, exercise a mandate for public enforcement at federal, local or municipal level, shall provide cooperation to immigration authorities when said immigration authorities request it, to comply with the provisions of this law." This law is strictly enforced and deportations are routine. Further information is at: At the same time we are being invaded by tens of thousands of illegals, a majority of them Mexican. Gustavo Mohr, a representative of the Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Relations, a foreign government official addressing American legislators, in an all too typical and monumental display of arrogance and hypocrisy, described the proposal that local American police enforce US immigration law as "worrying". What is wrong with this picture?

R. L. Ranger