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Dear Editor:
There has been a great deal of interest in the flood of computer positions going off shore to India, etc. Various professional organizations have complained that jobs are being sent to the countries that produced many of the H-1B temporary workers that came into the US during the heyday of the economic boom. The problem with the job drain is caused by the various professional associations that lobbied the INS and the Labor Department to tighten the H-1 B regulations to make it harder to import computer professionals from abroad. Companies faced with the nebulous and often difficult regulations, the higher fees, the difficulties in getting H-1B petitions approved, the high prevailing wage requirements that often required foreign computer professionals to be paid a wage higher than what US computer professionals were being paid, and the long waits in visa issuances, have opted out of the H-1B market. The result is that all jobs are being exported, not just some, so that US workers who would have been retained by their companies are out of work. One H-1B foreign worker did not displace one US computer professional. In many cases, jobs were preserved for US workers. With the wholesale export of these jobs to places like India, American workers are being displaced, through no fault of their own. The incredible lobbying efforts that took place in the mid-90s during the tech boom by various organizations to cut back H-1B workers in the computer field has backfired and with it the stability of an entire job market. The winner in this idiotic state of affairs is India. They will gain more jobs and we will lose more jobs.

Mary L. Sfasciotti

Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
Enter your email address here: