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Dear Editor:
Although I have been aware of a debate between immigration lawyer Greg Siskind and extremist Rob Sanchez, it was not until I read the letter to the Editor written by Lori Diana Rosenberg that I actually went back and read the Immigration Daily editorial of which she speaks and the interchange between Mr. Siskind and a Mr. Sanchez that peaked my interest. Like Ms. Rosenberg I am busy battling at my own windmills and often do not have enough time to delve into matters of philosophical debate, although I try once and a while, and thank Immigration Daily for providing an open forum for the expression of individual views on immigration matters. I was intrigued by the concise logic and heartfelt outrage Ms. Rosenberg exhibited in her letter toward Mr. Sanchez's "ad hominem attacks based on hate, anti-Semitism, anti-immigration, and animosity ... As the English in Parliament say, I too say to her, 'hear, hear' although I do not share her criticism of Immigration Daily's editorial. Upon reading the exchange between Mr. Siskind and Mr. Sanchez I was shocked and disturbed by the degree of hatred a fellow American can heap upon his fellow citizen, the wrath and venom personally directed toward Mr. Siskind by Mr. Sanchez because of Mr. Siskind's chosen profession and ethnicity is inexcusable. I thought Mr. Siskind's rebuttal was professional and to the point. And to Mr. Siskind , I also say, hear, hear. I hope the readers of Immigration Daily are intelligent enough to spot a hate-monger hiding in the woodpile out behind the barn, regardless of their views on immigration.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA