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Dear Editor:
It seems to me that many of the anti-immigrants believe illegal immigrants should not be rewarded for breaking the law, and that giving them amnesty will only encourage more immigration. To the first, what is this law that they have broken? I am an honest abider of the law, but even I must scoff at this self-rightousness. Have these immigrants killed anyone? Why are we acting as though some sacred code has been broken? "Oh, we must not reward villains of the law" Martin Luther King Jr. broke laws. In fact, he said that to be free to break unjust laws was what created a just society. The phrase "rewarded for breaking the law" makes me want to laugh and cry. Reward? What reward? Ohhhh, those governmental benefits we Americans hoard like gold? Those benefits we refuse to let illegal immigrants even catch a glimpse of? These immigrants are not pathetic cripples who need help. Just give them a chance to fend for themselves. They will work and pay taxes and get their own benefits. Do not speak of rewards when all you've done is take things away from them. Depriving them of work, drivers' licenses, college education. How are they supposed to make an honest living? You will, if not already, drive them to the streets- to crime. And as for amnesty encouraging more immigration, how dare you stuff all illegal immigrants in one crowded bunch? What do the illegal immigrants in America have to do with others? If amnesty encourages more immigrants, it is the problem of those "more". They should be dealt seperately. We should not punish some for the actions of others. I know that the illegal immigrants have broken the law coming here. But think of their reason- to make a better life for themselves and their children. I think we should just accept the ones that have already been living here a while. What's done is done. And was it so bad?

Name Not Provided