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Dear Editor:
Regarding Ms. Rosenberg's Letter to the Editor in the June 12, 2003 Immigration Daily, I respectfully dissent, although I will refrain from writing 40 pages. Ms. Rosenberg states that "Immigration Daily misses the point and unfortunately and inappropriately further politicizes the issue." It is Ms. Rosenberg that misses the point, which is; "the fact that most anti-immigrationists consider themselves on the political right should be cause for embarrassment [for those on the right]." It is an embarrassment and unless and until those of us "on the right" raise our voices the only voices heard will be those anti-immigrationists claiming to be conservatives and those on the left making it a self fulfilling prophecy by branding every anti-immigrationist a "right winger." Many years ago the late Richard Estrada ( spoke to the Heritage Foundation. The title of his presentation was something along the lines "Why the conservative movement should change its position on Immigration." Since then pro-immigration voices on the right have been silenced by the shrill voices of people like Peter Brimelow and Michelle Malkin. By pointing out to others on the right that these anti-immigrationists are in lock step with the environmental extremists, zero and negative population growth people and Caesar Chavez type labor union leaders will give those people on the right pause. They will not be so ready to believe all the lies and distortions people like Malkin put in print on a regular basis. They will ask for more facts and when all the facts are available to them I believe they will end up on the pro-immigration side. You see Ms. Rosenberg, the Immigration Daily editorial wasn't addressed to you. It was addressed to me and people like me to get us off our behinds and start speaking out. I for one intend to do so.

Eugene J. Flynn