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Dear Editor:
When slogans replace reasoning, when words are not used for their meaning but for their ability to scare, when flags are unfurled as arguments against reason, civilization is in danger. I see a lot of bile in the correspondance of Mr. Sanchez to Mr. Siskind, published in the latest Immigration Daily. This is unfortunate, and would ordinarily make me guardedly skeptical of Mr. Sanchez's arguments. But my reaction to Mr. Sanchez's bile is nothing compared to my reaction to Mr. Siskind's replies, in which Mr. Siskind offers nothing more than slogans, flags, and words made meaningless through trite use. This is not to say that I do not appreciate passionate zeal, come from where it may. But I fear zeal that is also self-assured and that unthinkingly adopts comfortable assumptions that are too simplistic to possibly be true. Mr. Siskind brands everyone who does not fully subscribe to libertarian principles as "socialist" (I gather this is an insult to him, just like "libertarian" is an insult to some), and suggests they are also against freedom. He basically excludes those who do not fully share his opinions from the country he has built in his imagination. He equates disagreement with treason, more or less. I am pro immigration. I am no socialist. But, in a hypothetical world where everybody would have to be aligned for or against everything, I would have to choose to be against the decadence of reason Mr. Siskind displays. This is, respectfully, my opinion.

Name Not Provided