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Dear Editor:
I would like to respond to Immigration Daily's comment piece from today. While we have all heard the statistics (no one really knows how many illegal aliens are here), we are certainly in agreement that there are millions of people here without legal authority. Several people, myself included, have asked the question as to what happens after the next amnesty. So far I have not seen a response to that question. So again I ask, what will deter the next wave of illegals after the ones who are here are given permanent residence? We did the amnesty thing in 1986 and were assured by the pro-immigration forces, as well as the government that this would take care of the problem of knowing who was here and would "bring people out of the shadows". Obviously that didn't work since we have more illegals now than we did then, at least according to the estimates given. What will be different about this one? I am not trying to be argumentative, I seriously want to understand why people believe that rewarding people for breaking the law is a solution. Can anyone honestly say that we will then have the illegal problem solved or will that it be necessary to do an amnesty every ten years or so? If that is the case there is no reason to spend money trying to protect our borders because everyone who gets in illegally will eventually be rewarded with a green card. It is only the people who go through the legal channels who run the risk of not getting their permanent residence. Is there anyone out there who will address my question seriously? I do agree that it is ridiculous to keep nuclear families apart for years, if a husband or wife is a permanent resident there should be some mechanism in place to have their immediate families be with them while they work their way through the maze that is BCIS.