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Dear Editor:
What is truly amazing about yesterday's Name Not Supplied letter is how many falsehoods and misleading comments can be packed into a short letter. No limited immigration advocate has ever endorsed "death" for border crossing. They have properly pointed the responsibility for such tragedies towards those who encourage, promote and create the conditions that bring them here. As "invasion" is defined as "an intrusion or infringement", nothing could more accurately describe the mass, illegal phenomenon, just as illegal alien is the correct description of those invaders, rather than apologists' misleading and often used "undocumented workers". And contrary to comment, polls show that most Americans desire less immigration. Earlier immigration cannot be compared with radical changes that have taken place since President Johnson's 1965 Immigration Reform Act which overturned traditional immigration policy and replaced it with the most liberal, "easy access" policies in history. As a result, about one million legal immigrants come each year, plus unknown, but large, numbers of illegals radically changing America in numerous, profound ways. It is even more ridiculous to attempt a comparison between early Indians and todays complex, evolved society and to characterize citizens as squatters. Americans have every right to restrict and control entry as all nations do, includng Mexico. Such illogical comments can only be made from a position of complete denial of reality or intentional deception and/or myopic self interest.

R. L. Ranger