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Dear Editor:
In response to a letter to the Editor who likened a "immigrant" to a fellow going to his "neighbour's" farm because the "immigrant's" farm could not support him, let's take this a bit further. Suppose the neighbour never really owned the land he farms on. Suppose he found the riches on the land already held by an original owner and occupier. Suppose the neighbour then subdued the original owner and assumed ownership of the inherently rich land. Suppose the neighbour with the help of new neighbours developed and enhanced the riches of the land and made it the envy of all. Suppose while doing that, the neighbour took children of the immgrant to till the land and pick the fruits, and build the dames and cities. Suppose the neighbour also coverted the immigrants inherent riches to develop the neighbour's land also. Suppose the neighbour also allowed members of the Immigrant's children keep stolen money from the immigrant in the farm to be used to develop the farm. Now will it still be that bad if some later immigrant's children left the land depleted partly by actions of the neighbour to make a better life in the Neighbour's "farm". These new immigrant's children hold no grudge but just want the opportunity to culviate a piece of the neighbour's farm while paying taxes to the neigbour which in turn helps develop and expand the neigbour's farm. Let the previous reader search his conscience. By the way, the writers ancestors "were" the children of the immigrant. So he should stop thinking like the neighbour.